Birth Certificate Revisions

Is there a more fundamental document to your life than your birth certificate?   It proves our age, identity, citizenship and location of birth. You need your birth certificate to obtain various legal documents, including passports.  It is also used as a form of ID itself when an individual is hired for a new job, enrolling in school, or enlisting in the military. 

It’s not uncommon that an individual needs to correct an error or change information on his or her birth certificate in order to reflect all of the pertinent details that identify who you are.

You may need to change your birth certificate age or birth certificate date. You may have to change your birth certificate after a name change or after adoption.  There may simply be an error on your birth certificate from the start, which you need to correct now. 
Sometimes you can make such changes yourself.  Sometimes you need some help from a profession who can help ensure you don't compromise your rights, and guide you through the process.